Product description

TWO Pocket Multi-Currency Discriminator
(Made in Korea)
E-banking Tec.
Model :EB-21

* Dollar\ Euro\ EGP\ GBP \ SR and Up to 9 Currencies.

* The EB-21 can detect and count banknotes at a speed of 1500 notes/minute.

* The EB-21 counts and detects without stopping.

* The EB-21 detects counterfeits by UV,FL,MG,MT and IR and may be updated easily.

* Multi -Currency sorting.

* The EB-21 counts and sorts mixed denominations according to denomination and its face or orientation.

* 4.3" Touch panel.

* Program Downloading through USB port.

* Hopper Capacity 500 notes/ Reject Capacity : 100 notes.

* Stacker Capacity :250 notes.


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